Imagine you are in a strange land,

a world steeped in history and shaped by ancient strife,

a place where rumours of magic and mythical creatures have a ring of truth to them.

You'd rather not get involved in such matters; you want to stay

home with your family and friends.

But you have a problem;

they say there is something

wrong with you.

You have a god's curse upon you,

which makes you different:

stronger, harder, scarier.

Your family and friends no

longer want you near them.

Some would even want to harm you.

If you don't want to become

an outcast, your only choice is to

join the Kerowan Guild and follow

the only profession allowed to

those cursed by the gods:

become a sword for hire;

expendable and despised,

but better the jackal

than the hare.

Simon Cornish

Is an animator, illustrator, and writer.

In the dim and distant past he may also have worked in a chemistry lab trying to synthesize a football shaped molecule under a nobel prize winning professor, but that could just be a story.

He may also have something to do with Mental Roy who appears in 3DWorld magazine each month, though that has not been substantiated.

He can categorically deny ever directing an advert for a Bank, apart from that one time, and has never, well not very often, been a vfx supervisor on any commercials, or directed and produced any short films.

He may or may not be having a graphic novel published this year (actually he really doesn’t know, it may, or may not, be on the shelves until next year).

There have been unsubstantiated rumors that he’s written the first draft of a novel called The Different, and is busy redrafting it.

efr started life as a narrative. I outlined a book while studying at university, and rather than write a first draft, I hit on the idea of writing the characters up for my friends to roleplay, and run the story as a scenario. Of course, they had their own ideas about the characters and it took a completely different direction to my original intentions and Tefr the novel bit the dust, but Tefr the roleplaying game was born.

It has been revised many times since that early beginning, and many people have contributed to those revisions.


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