Free Tefr Books

Beta versions of both the players’ and narrators’ books are available for play-testing and feedback. E-book versions of both can be downloaded free. Early adopters will receive a discount code when the first edition is published


New World Material

New maps and regional information have been added in the Tefr World section.

     hroughout history, participation
     in the telling of legends and folk-tales has been an important part of social, spiritual and moral life.

Tefr is a group-narrative fantasy role-playing system, set in a world with its own unique landscapes, flora, fauna, mythology and history. Within this setting participants can play characters of their own making, and shape a narrative born of the imagination.

Redesigned Website

The new website is now live and being field tested. It has a whole new page system, although at present downloads for the Tefr books still occur through Lulu.

We would love to hear your feedback and comments can now be left in the blog section.

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Tefr is an evolving system, we are actively looking for contributors who can write narrative based scenarios that fit the Tefr paradigm. Please contact Simon and introduce yourself. 


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