From a meeting with its first king with the God creature Biel this Empire has grown to dominate the world of Tefr.

During the Empire wars its greatest Emperor Nectus, managed to crush the Kiessan Empire, only to be killed himself, and his symbol of power, the eye of Biel, destroyed on the battlefield.

This shook the Bakaaran Empire to its very core; its emperors and its god were believed unstoppable in battle. As a result the whole empire collapsed in confusion, and it would be many great years before the new God Emperors would rise and push Bakaar forwards as a world power once again.

The Bakaaran Caste System

Central to the modern Bakaaran ethos is its caste system. To most outsiders this appears to cloak the workings of daily life in the Empire in puzzling ambiguity, but to the Bakaarans it is a most serious element to their existence, that can even have capital consequences.


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