A strategically important Nation situated along the length of the River Terusil. Trade of exotic goods from Tiel finds its way through the mountain passes from the Apanala Desert, as well as rich minerals and refined metals from the Rimeal mountains.

Terasonia is made up of seven small princedoms, each ruled by its own Duath (ruler), with their own laws, taxes, and economy. A council made up of these Duaths provides stability between the princedoms.

In addition to the land’s natural defences of the mountains that surround it, the seven armies form a formidable protective force.


In its early history, shortly after the formation of  the Kiessan Empire, by the hero Kils, the river Terusil became an important trade route to the Castelon sea. Rich mineral deposits were also discovered in the mountains which surrounded the river valley. Tearasu, as the Kiessans called the land, became one of the richest regions of the Empire.

After the Empire wars the land fell into anarchy with numerous small warlords fighting to control even small portions of the land. Eventually

a powerful warlord called Enderin consolidated the Eastern regions of the Terusil and declared himself king of Terasonia. It wasn’t long after this that King Tarith of Cormalon mounted a similar campaign and conquered the Western end then offered an alliance between his new kingdom of Cormalonia and Terasonia. This alliance proved successful and eventually the two kingdoms were consolidated through the marriage of their respective monarchs.

With the heir-less death of King Larat in 32.23, the kingdom was ruled by a council of its seven Duaths. This council meets before each Yearsend at a different Duathar (shires) each year. The land has prospered under this rulership for nearly three hundred years.

The Seven Duathar


Currently ruled by Duath Entrach IV. Capital city: Cormalon.


Current Duath: Rikarn. Capital City: Malisit


Current Duatha: Sobant. Capital City: Amil


Current Duath: Connor. Capital City: Kilrist


Current Duath: Cabal. Capital City: Menturasil


Current Duath: Aban. Capital city: Loabis


Current Duath: Illiam. Capital city: Terasu

Notes Regarding The Desolation

This is an area of barren land in the western Rimeal mountains bordering Kilristia and Menturasil. Many rumours of evil spirits and souls of the damned haunting the area exist and locals are unlikely to support any venture within. The borders begin with a thinning of healthy vegetation leading after less than a mille to no vegetation or animal life whatsoever. Further in, a traveller will get a feeling of disquiet; companions will become short with each other or fall into sullen silence. At night those more sensitive will see strange shapes in the darkness. In the coldness of day the long sighted may see a dark temple or fortress somewhere near the centre. Users of magic will soon discover that this is a place in the world where key does not regenerate, a place of ancient upheaval and lasting bitterness. Rumour says that it is the place where Asatal was killed by Kils at the end of the Great war, or a place where a great star fell to earth. Its real origins are lost in the wreck of time.


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