A New Site a New Beginning for Tefr

The Tefr site has now been updated into a new WordPress based format. Partly because it will be easier to update, and partly to make it a bit more useful to visitors. I’m keeping the whole thing relatively simple to start with. Just a blog, an explainer about what Tefr is and hopefully a few resources and downloads for those folks wishing to use the Tefr environment

As things stand, Tefr is still very much a work in progress. A huge amount of material for the world is still to be written up in a useable format. It is intended that referees can run campaigns using a number of different systems in the world.
Whilst a Gamebook containing a full set of bespoke rules has been written, the focus of what Tefr is about has changed. Rule systems are in plentiful supply and referees or GMs stick to ones they like, but many of them still actively seek new material to excite their players. I’ve been told on numerous occasions by players that the scope of the Tefr milieu is a huge part of what engages them when playing. To this end I’ll be working over the coming months to put more resources up on the site about the civilisations of Tefr, its history, fauna and flora. I’ll also be putting effort into publishing campaign material.
I’m in the process of picking it apart the rule system as many of the rules and particulars are over-written. But a completely revised stand-alone magic system is close to being finished as well as a new character generation booklet.
Expect some exciting announcements in the near future.