The Kingdom of Shelis, Gateway to the Root

And its former regions of Panis, Mexota and Tukis

Shelis was originally a much bigger country covering the lower half of the Sheliran continent, but was shattered into several much smaller states during the long and bloody civil wars from 35, 12 to 35, 35. These states, once merely regions of Shelis, are Tukis, Mexota, Panis and Shelis.

Shelis itself now only stretches from the Miran Forest in the South West to Dadefr at the mouth of the often disputed Pass of Penitence in the North West and across to Arthen Haven on the River Langle in the East. Shelis has been central to the religious and political turmoil in the Sheliran continent since the end of the Empire Wars. To the far East lies the independent city state of Darvis, the seat of the famed Council of Light, an institution which embodies the alliances of the states about the Castelon Sea that have traditionally defended the Root from invasion by the Empire of Bakaar.

Principal City: Parlin, population 27,000. The city was originally founded by the Bardic Order and heavily fortified over successive crusades. The Order gifted Parlin to King Michlion IV in 35,27 after he was ousted from the old capital at Mirchas, during the Panis revolt.

Current Ruler: The current monarch is Aldralian III, grandson of the defeated Michlion IV . At present there are no official plans to re-take Mirchas although there are ongoing negotiations concerning certain Annuaths (Lords) in Panis and Mexota who are still loyal to the Shelirian Monarchy and wish to be part of that state.

Produce: The principal exports are wine from the South Lannacks to the North of Amlist, fine linen from  East of the country and ores from the mines of the Shelir Parannah Mountains.

Transportation: The only properly maintained road is called the Holy Way and runs from Darvis to the Pass of Penitence. It was built to allow pilgrims easy passage to the Root and enable the Bardic armies to mobilise swiftly during the crusades.

Political: A great many of the towns and estates in modern Shelis are beholden to Bardic Lords (Annuath), particularly those situated near the Holy Way. Thus should the Bardic order choose to mount another crusade to Kaar the King of Shelis would have little say in the matter.



Panis is noted for it’s particularly dull architecture, their tasteless overcooked food and their sensitivity to any kind of criticism. Panis does produce a lot of livestock and even boasts a passable trade in quality woven fabrics, but its main product is very good soldiers.
Panis became independent of Shelis in 35,38, after a protracted and bloody rebellion. Panisian nobles ousted the then king from the original Shelisian capital at Mirchas. The war lasted for over 15 years and was only resolved when the Bardic Council at Darvis threatened to step in. Minor battles are still fought over borders resulting in a thinner and much poorer population. Whilst there is a king based at Carlin he acts more as a referee to the numerous annual disputes between the Annuthar of the Nation.

Principal City: Mirchas, population 32,000. The city was the former seat of the king of Shelis and the king of Panis resides in the royal Chasator. It is a large ostentatious city with many fine merchants’ residences contained within its heavily fortified walls.

Current Ruler: King Golen Current capital: Mirchas


Much of region’s industry is agricultural, concerned with producing sugar-grass, as well as nut oil, and spices. The country is known for its heavily spiced cuisine, as well as its strong rum.
Mexota was the second of region to declare its independence from Shelis though with less friction than the others.
In the year 37, 02, after many years of faithful support of Shelis, Mexota declared itself as an independent kingdom under Duath Henlan. King Henlan then chose Apmis as his capital, but within 10 years he was deposed, and the capital was moved to the city of Jengade. Mexota has not been, and is still not, a very stable country. There have been numerous revolts by its nobility as well as small scale border wars with its neighbours.

Principal City: Jengade, population 15,000.

Current ruler: Queen Eshlian Current capital: Jengade


Tukis is a civilised nation with many ancient hilltop towns where, arguably, the finest wines in the world are produced. Tukis is also a nation of trained fighters, anticipating when the next war with Bakaar will commence.
Once a region of the nation of Shelis it became independent some 138 years before current times. Onerous taxes from the capital, which at that time was the city of Mirchas, lead to widespread discontent of the Annuaths and Bardic knights in Tukis at that time. Given the area had historically born the brunt of attacks and invasion from the Bakaaran Empire in the West, the additional burden became too much. In 35, 12 the ruler of the region, Duath Henshon I, declared independence with the almost unanimous backing of the Tukisian Annuaths. Whilst a few punitive battles were fought in the following years it was eventually decided that the region still made a good buffer from any Bakaaran incursion.

Principal City: Cleront, population 20,000

Current ruler: King Henshon IV. .