Tefr is a fantasy role-playing world with its own magic, landscapes, flora, fauna, mythology and history. A setting designed for referees to create their campaigns and for players to shape their characters.

New New Beginning

The Tefr site has been updated with a new focus on the world of Tefr as a roleplaying environment.

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Tefr is a fantasy world setting with its own RPG system attached.  The system itself is intended to be modular and referees can cherry pick those elements they wish to use for their own gaming and discard what they don’t need. More

A Brief History of Tefr

An outline of the history of the world of Tefr as a character within that world might know it. The chronology given is sketchy and only covers important events. Much is drawn from the teachings of the Karoch, the church of the Tree of Life, as the dominant religion...
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The Tefr Calendar

In the beginning the creator made the world and set it in a place of stability and order. There were no seasons, only night and day. This article concerns how time is marked on the world of Tefr.

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Gateway to the Root, this land is now shattered into the much smaller states of Tukis, Panis, Mexota and Shelis after long and bloody civil wars of previous great years.

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A strategically important Nation situated along the length of the River Terusil. Terasonia is made up of seven small princedoms, each ruled by its own Duath (ruler), with their own laws, taxes, and economy. A council made up of these Duaths provides stability between the princedoms.

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